Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 13 May 2023

Spiked vs Bridgen: The Anti-Woke Civil War

The Spiked vs Andrew Bridgen debate continues to rage. If you’ve been living in a cave (i.e., don’t spend all your time online consuming futile culture war content), Fraser Myers wrote a pretty scathing articlelabelling former Tory and now Reclaim MP Andrew Bridgen an “anti-vax conspiracy theorist” for his views on vaccine harms.

Esteemed editor of this publication, Dr. Will Jones, provided an excellent rebuttal to the article, but that has not stopped this civil war in the anti-woke coalition continuing to escalate.

Bridgen hit back at Myers on Twitter, and Saint Andrew Doyle (which I say with no irony) arranged a debate between the two on his GB News show, Free Speech Nation.

Myers has since written another piece, every bit as scathing and more, while Bridgen tweets not quite libellous stuff about Spiked potentially being funded by Pfizer.

Well. I have multiple dogs in this fight. For one, I am a Pure Blood who wouldn’t take the ‘safe and effective’ treatment even if you paid me as much as Team Bridgen believe Spiked got from Pfizer.

I’ve also had Andrew Bridgen on my podcast, The Current Thing, which led to a Doctor Who fan with too much time on his hands trying to get both me and Bridgen sued for libel.

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