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Andrew Bridgen: “I am suing Mr. Hancock for defamation”

In January, the former Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who was responsible for overseeing the UK Government’s covid response, described MP Andrew Bridgen as a “disgusting and dangerous” propagator of antisemitism. Shortly afterwards Mr. Bridgen tweeted at Midazolam Matt to remove his defamatory tweet and apologise, if he didn’t then Mr. Bridgen’s legal team would be in contact with him.  Yesterday Mr. Bridgen announced he was suing Hancock for defamation.

“Mr. Hancock’s smear and false allegations of racism has served to stifle Parliamentary debate – presumably in the hope that any uncomfortable truths about his covid regime will fade away. My legal action against Mr Hancock is, therefore, a defence not of Andrew Bridgen, but of free speech itself – the basis of any healthy democracy,” Mr. Bridgen, Member of Parliament (“MP”) for North West Leicestershire, said.

In a written statement supporting his video statement, Mr. Bridgen said: “Earlier this year, the former Health Secretary described me in a tweet as a “disgusting and dangerous” propagator of anti-Semitism. I believe this was to stop me asking questions about the safety and efficacy of Covid vaccines on behalf of my constituents and other members of the public who have suffered adverse reactions to the vaccines and from Covid policy in many other ways.

“If I am successful, any damages awarded will be donated IN FULL to support the seriously vaccine injured and their ongoing fight for recognition and remedy.”

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