Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 11 May 2023

You May Find This Hard to Believe but it’s all True

  1. Ukraine is a corrupt country with a puppet for a President. Let’s all stop pretending, shall we? No one who knows what is going on gives a damn about Ukraine and no one who has studied Ukraine’s past or present politics thinks the nation or its leaders are worth blowing up the world. So why are Western leaders destroying the world’s economy, pushing up inflation and creating mass starvation in Africa just to save a preening, penis waving President and a bunch of corrupt, reconstituted Nazis? Britain alone has spent £2.3 billion on bombing and killing people in Ukraine and almost exactly a tenth of that on humanitarian aid. The American Government is spending much more and has even committed taxpayers to paying Ukrainian pensions! There is much talk that Ukraine will soon join NATO but it would also make an excellent fit with the EU since the main speciality of and within the EU has always been corruption. I expect the self-righteous fools at The Hague were disappointed that when Ukraine’s Zelensky visited recently, he failed to show them how well he can play the piano with his penis. It is, of course, by far his most significant talent. Is it fair to assume that other world leaders with mixed chromosomes will also be required to learn how to play the piano with their organs? Or is this something that will remain unique to Presidents of Ukraine? I can’t help feeling that Zelensky should be appearing at the Eurovision Song Contest rather than touring world capitals and looking like an advertisement for ex-army surplus clothing. (Che Guevera, a real revolutionary, and one with a big heart, did it with infinitely more style.) Today, Ukraine is a permanent battlefield for a war between NATO and Russia. When all the Ukrainians have been killed, and the country has been irradiated with depleted uranium, they’ll send in American, British and Canadian troops to keep the killing going. (There’s no point in sending in French troops, of course, because they’ll simply surrender straight away.) What no one seems to have noticed is that Ukraine used to be the bread basket of the world – a major source of grain. All that depleted uranium will make the farmland unuseable for many decades and lead to massive, long-term, global starvation.
  2. NATO has opened an office in Japan. This will come as something of a surprise to those who thought that the N and A in NATO stood for North Atlantic. Those with some knowledge of geography may be surprised to learn that Japan has been moved into the North Atlantic.
  3. World War III is being fought for the control of the first (and last) World Government. There are three contenders. The US and its companion members of NATO is one contender. Russia and its BRIC supporters make up the other contender. And the third contender, of course, is China. The only remaining question is: will Russia and China join forces to defeat NATO. And just in case you are wondering, the Great Reset leaders plan to break up Russia into several dozen separate states so that it will be easier for them to steal the minerals. Geopolitics has never been so dangerous.

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