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Know Thy Enemy: Top 50 Players of the Censorship-Industrial Complex Revealed

An in-depth report by journalist Matt Taibbi reveals the extent of a bureaucracy known as the Censorship Industrial Complex, a new system of control in the domain of “hybrid warfare.”

Taibbi is one of the main publishers of the Twitter Files, which revealed how Twitter worked with a constellation of government, corporate, journalistic, and NGO entities to control narratives and information.

In a new report, Taibbi lists in great detail the Top 50 organizations that comprise the Censorship-Industrial Complex (CIC), which include intelligence agencies, top globalist institutions, corporations, far-left think tanks, and liberal “fact-checkers.”

Specifically, the CIC is categorized into seven groups: Government entities, Foundations, Big Tech, For-Profit disinformation companies, Academic Initiatives, Think Tanks, “Fact-Checkers,” and Non-Governmental Organizations.

Taibbi claimed the groundwork for the CIC was laid during the years-long Russia collusion hoax weaponized by the Deep State to destroy Donald Trump.

“This is why the Trump-Russia scandal in the United States will likely be remembered as a crucial moment in 21st-century history, even though the investigation superficially ended a non-story, fake news in itself,” he wrote.

“What the Mueller investigation didn’t accomplish in ousting Trump from office, it did accomplish in birthing a vast new public-private bureaucracy devoted to stopping ‘mis-, dis-, and malinformation,’ while smoothing public acquiescence to the emergence of a spate of new government agencies with ‘information warfare’ missions.”

He went on to say the social media “de-platforming” of Infowars founder Alex Jones in 2018 was just the tip of the iceberg of the CIC system.

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