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Charles “The Great Reset” King and Global Britain using the Commonwealth, Five Eyes and City of London to exert influence

This week, Charles was crowned King of the United Kingdom and the other 14 Commonwealth realms. But that is not all. He has also become head of the British Commonwealth, head of the Anglican Church, and spokesman for a program dubbed “Global Britain.”

Since 1833, Global Britain has been managed by a pseudo-private system of Crown Agents today named ‘Crown Agents for Overseas Government and Administration’. This vast body exists as a semi-official status and describes itself as “an emanation of the crown.” The agency is partnered with the World Bank, United Nations and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  It acts as a giant holding company with one shareholder called the Crown Agents Foundation based in Southwark London.

The idea of Global Britain has always had at its heart the concept of an integrated British Commonwealth with the Five Eyes at the head of intelligence, City of London at the head of finance and the hereditary structures of power centred around the Crown through which all branches of the international deep state derive their powers. The fact is that the British Empire continues to exert a vast top-down influence over world affairs.

Having been set up in the 1930s as the new face of the British Empire, today’s British Commonwealth occupies 12.2 million square miles of territory, holds 2.4 billion people and represents 21% of the world’s land area.  Britain continues to exert vast control over the mining concessions of Africa, for example, with over $1 trillion of direct mining interests controlled by British and/or British Commonwealth-based corporations.

Britain is the creator and central command structure of the Five Eyes intelligence apparatus and has also been dubbed “Londonistan” for having provided safe havens for international terrorist groups who have found sanctuary under the ideology of tolerant Britain.

The City of London – dubbed the “Square Mile” and a separate legal entity from the UK as enshrined in the Magna Carta of 1214 – is the nerve centre of world finance, with the Bank of England and Commonwealth offshore tax havens directing trillions of dollars of drug money laundering, terrorist financing and other corrupt practices globally.

Global Britain – being an institution organised entirely around hereditary institutions, the centrepiece for the continuity of this reform – is hinged upon a ruling family occupying the position of official Prima inter pares (first among equals) around which the entire structure of controls can exert its influence.  This role has now fallen onto Charles “The Great Reset” King.

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