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Fox News Brags About Big Corporate Advertisers Returning to Tucker’s Old Slot

Fox News is bragging about big corporate advertisers returning to Tucker Carlson’s old 8pm slot, which includes the likes of Procter and Gamble.

According to a report by Variety, a number of “Madison Avenue stalwarts” have come back into the fold to appear during Fox News Tonight, the program that replaced Carlson’s show and is fronted by a new host each week.

“Procter & Gamble, one of the nation’s largest and most influential advertisers, has been running ads in “Fox News Tonight,” the network’s new 8 p.m. program, for female-skewing products like Venus razor blades by Gillette and Secret underarm deodorant,” states the report.

Procter and Gamble has been embroiled in number of scandals over the years, including criticism over their use of animal testing and links to child labor.

Novo Nordisk ads for Ozempic, a pharmaceutical treatment that purports to fight obesity, are also running during the 8pm time slot, as well as commercials for Scotts Miracle-Gro.

“We have had over 40 new advertisers come into the hour since we launched the new program, including some of the largest in the country and, really, across all major categories. We have seen new advertisers come in, and new demand,” claimed Fox News Media’s Executive Vice President of Ad Sales Jeff Collins.

While it appears some advertisers have returned, having previously vacated the slot due to lobbying by groups like the ADL, it’s unlikely they’re getting much value for money.

Fox News has suffered a ratings bloodbath since their decision to part ways with Tucker Carlson.

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