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Homeless Encampments Are Exploding In Size All Over America As Rents Soar And Evictions Surge

Communities all over the United States are being taken over by giant homeless encampments, but we are supposed to believe that this is perfectly normal.  The Biden administration is trying very hard to convince all of us that the economy is in fine shape even though many of our most prominent corporations are currently conducting mass layoffs and even though Challenger, Gray & Christmas is telling us that the number of jobs cuts during the first three months of this year was up 396 percent compared to the same period last year.  Just like in 2008 and 2009, large numbers of people who have lost their jobs or their businesses are ending up living in the streets, and as a result homeless encampments are absolutely exploding in size from coast to coast.

In Marin County, California the average price of a home is 1.4 million dollars, and it is one of the most prosperous areas of the entire country.

But it is also home to vast hordes of homeless people.  In fact, one of the biggest homeless encampments in Marin County is now more than two miles long

Hundreds of locals in one of San Francisco’s wealthiest counties have been forced to pack up their lives into RVs and trailers after being pushed out of the housing market.

Shocking photos show the ever-growing line of trucks and other vehicles along 101 Highway – which now stretches over two miles in one of the largest encampments in the country.

The Federal Reserve knew that pumping vast amounts of money into the system would make the wealthy even wealthier, but they also hoped that some of that wealth would eventually trickle down to the poor.

Sadly, that didn’t really happen.

Instead, the gap between the wealthy and the poor has gotten larger than it has ever been before, and now we are witnessing scenes like this all over the nation…

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