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‘Back down and say you’re sorry or I’ll see you in court’: Joanna Cherry gives Fringe venue seven-day ultimatum after being cancelled amid gender row

Joanna Cherry has warned a comedy club it must reinstate her Festival show and apologise, or she will take it to court.

The SNP Edinburgh South MP is threatening to sue The Stand, co-founded by party colleague Tommy Sheppard, for cancelling her show – a decision she claims is unlawful.

A letter has been sent to The Stand by Ms Cherry’s lawyers warning that if it does not back down, she will seek damages and legal fees.

Some venue staff have refused to work on the night of her Fringe show.

Ms Cherry believes they were reluctant due to her outspoken ‘gender critical’ views and opposition to the Scottish Government’s attempts to reform how people can legally change gender.

A statement from the venue saying that it could not run the event ‘on a properly staffed, safe and legally-compliant basis’, has been cited by her lawyers as potentially defamatory ‘as it clearly suggests that our client represents some form of danger’.

An In Conversation… talk with Ms Cherry was scheduled for August 10 as part of a series of political interviews, with other events featuring Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham and former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

But the venue sparked a backlash for cancelling Ms Cherry’s show because many staff were ‘unwilling to work on this event’.

She said the cancellation was the ‘thin end of the wedge’ of an attack on freedom of speech.

Ms Cherry said: ‘The actions of The Stand and all that has followed thereon are symptomatic of a wider problem in our society.

‘I am very concerned that those who hold perfectly legitimate views on a variety of issues, including women like me, are regularly being misrepresented, de- platformed and, in some cases, facing damage to or loss of our livelihoods.’

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