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Victoria to Launch Digital Driver’s Licences by 2024

Victoria will allow its motorists to carry a digital driver’s licence on their phone, with a trial in Ballarat before a full state-wide roll-out by 2024.

From June, full licence holders in the regional town of Ballarat will be able to sign up for the pilot program via the Service Victoria or VicRoads website, which will give people a choice to store a digital version either in the Service Victoria app or the new-to-be launched my VicRoads app on their phones.

“We know Victorians want digital driver licences, and that’s why this trial is such a big step before further rollout occurs,” said Minister for Roads and Road Safety Melissa Horne.

The digital card will present some more advanced, unique safety features such as real-time updates of home addresses and if the licence has been suspended or cancelled.

With the new safe and timed QR code in place, Police, businesses, and any other authorities will be able to check and verify authenticity to stop potential fraudulent use.

“This is world-class technology – the digital driver licence has a constantly refreshed unique QR code, and the customer has control over the level of personal information shared,” said Minister for Government Services Danny Pearson.

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