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The King Charles III File – Revelations Behind the Palace Wall

On May 6, 2023, Charles III will be crowned King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and 14 other sovereign states. He will also become the head of the 56-state Commonwealth of Nations and the secular head of the Anglican Church of England. Charles III is already 74 years old. In the history of Great Britain there has been no king older at the time of his coronation. Countless TV stations from all over the world are covering this ceremony. While the cameras of the mass media are focused on the splendor and pomp of this event, this documentary aims to open a five-part file that shows a very different face of King Charles III, one that is largely kept quiet by the mass media. This documentary brings to light a shocking background. I. King Charles III and His Possessions As heir to the throne of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III inherits a gigantic fortune. Normally, he would have to pay inheritance tax like any other Briton; however, Charles is exempt from inheritance tax under a 1993 agreement with John Major’s government. Here is a brief overview of Charles III’s possessions, or rather his British Empire.

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