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All you must know about crypto scams!

A cryptocurrency is nothing else but a token that you can use to exchange goods and services in every corner of the world. However, it has not been serving the primary purpose of creating it. For a very long period now, retail investors and multinational organizations have used it as a medium of making money. They prefer it to be a medium of investment so that they can make a profit by selling it later on in the future. They are incredible investment opportunities, and no one wants to miss them. You can know more about this investment from the internet. It is important that you do all the spadework before investing money in it. It will help you stay away from scammers and losing money. There are a lot of genuine websites available online which gives you detailed information regarding this. If you are into Bitcoin trading, you can avoid scams by using a secured platform like

Cryptocurrency investors need to be aware of every aspect of speculative assets. The crypto coins are highly speculative. Also, it is important to know that the lack of any traditional fundamentals defines investment. So, the valuation of cryptocurrencies is tricky compared to traditional assets. Also, cryptocurrencies are very volatile investment opportunities and carry many risks. They can fluctuate at any given time. Also, the cryptocurrency market is not controlled, making it prone to scams. Therefore, you should be aware of every scam you may encounter in the cryptocurrency world.

  • Market manipulation

Market manipulation is one of the essential types of scams that you can encounter in today’s modern world. Cryptocurrencies are still a new concept and evolving every day. Therefore, we can never say if they will be stable in the future or not. As a result of this, most scammers target new investors. Also, they try to manipulate the cryptocurrency market by interfering with the prices of the assets. They just tipped the scales in their favor to make returns. It is one of the essential illicit trading activities you can encounter in the cryptocurrency market. Also, front-running is a practice that the scammers take up worldwide to make a profit with illicit activities.

  • Pump and dump schemes

A pump and dump scheme represents a group of people who tend to inflate the prices of a particular commodity. Here we are talking about cryptocurrencies. The scammer tries to manipulate the prices of cryptocurrencies by making people purchase them. To do so, they start with the pump scheme. This method tries to convince people to purchase a particular cryptocurrency at a minimal price. As people get more and more convinced to watch purchasing a particular coin, the prices of that particular coin will increase in the market, and hence, the scammer will use the prices to make a profit. It is a method used by many scammers all over the world.

  • Rugpull

Cryptocurrency developers do this type of cryptocurrency scam. In this scam, the people raising the fund as an investment for the cryptocurrency are other bad actors. They wanted to make money from the people and then ran away with it. First, they try to make a decentralized exchange and put their token on it. Then, they have to make it seem like a legitimate cryptocurrency, and therefore, they also act on social media handles to lure investors. When all the activities are completed, more and more investors start to show interest in these tokens. However, this is only the trick used by scammers worldwide. You make a cryptocurrency particularly popular to show interest in it. Then, they leave the cryptocurrency active and run away with the investors’ funds when you do so.

  • Traditional hacking

Cryptocurrency runs over Blockchain technology and is considered very safe and secure. However, steel hackers are getting new technology every day and using it to steal money from people. Many people worldwide have reported that their cryptocurrencies were stolen after their accounts got hacked. So, yes, it is also possible. Sometimes, it is because of the lack of security features with the cryptocurrency exchanges, or sometimes, it is due to the advancement in technology of the scammers.

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