Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 7 May 2023

The Covid Plandemic: Fear Is the Name of the Game – The Legal Approach

First published on April 11, 2023

Law is not hard, unless you go to law school in Germany, where you learn nothing about real life and everything about the most complicated theoretical legal doctrine in the most boring classes you´ve ever seen.

Every legal case, however, always starts with the facts, which make up the story. If you don´t get the facts right, then your legal analysis is useless, or, in your worst case scenario: you put the wrong man on death row. In our case at hand I would suggest the following approach at telling the story:

1. We need to start with exposing the Covid plandemic (not global warming or the free masons – or worse, that comes later) in three steps:

  1. There was never a novel Corona virus, only the four endemic Corona viruses which have been endemic since, if I remember correctly, the 1960ies. That is why they (Mr. Global) chose this virus for rolling out the plandemic: It was everywhere anyway (in most flus and colds, for example), and if you set the PCR test for this virus only, plus misuse it grossly (45 cycles of amplification) you´re almost guaranteed to find it pretty much everywhere. Add to this pictures and videoclips of military trucks in Bergamo, Italy on streets littered with (probably mostly empty) caskets and white hospital tents in front of hospitals in New York plus the msm and politicians screaming: we´re all going to die, unless a vaccine is found, you have the start of the plandemic.

We know now, of course that up until the start of the “vaccination” campaign there were no excess deaths anywhere. The spikes in New York and Bergamo were the result of the panic and gross medical malpractice: 94% of the people who allegedly died of Covid in both cities, died of completely different causes. In Bergamo, patients in nursing homes had been vaccinated shortly before the “pandemic” (I forget if it was the flu shots or sth else) arrived, weakening their already weakened immune system further, then they transferred people who were probably suffering from the flu to the nursing homes to make room for all those poor victims of the plandemic.

In the nursing homes the flu killed many of those patients who´s immune system had been deliberately weakened. Similar story in Newy York: Many fled to the hospitals in panic who would otherwise (without the panic mongering) have stayed at home, or even in bed to recover.

There some ran into nosocomial infections, others died of the “Fauci protocol” which ordered the doctors to use remdesivir and put people on a respirator. Bottom line, however: No excess mortality up until the start of the “vaccination” campaign anywhere, just panic mongering.

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