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Watch: Bud Light Boycotted by Baseball Fans as Sales Drop 35% Amid Ongoing Fallout From Dylan Mulvaney Debacle

A video shows Boston Red Sox fans avoiding Bud Light at all costs during a packed Major League Baseball game as the backlash to the Dylan Mulvaney advertisement continued. The Mail has the story.

Mulvaney, 26, posted himself drinking Bud Light at the start of April 2023 using the hashtag #budlightpartner. He posted the content to coincide with the NCAA March Madness tournament, before joking he didn’t know what sport he was promoting.

The disastrous marketing bid has seen sales for the American flagship beer plummet 26%, despite Anheuser-Busch reporting first-quarter earnings of $1.65 billion.

Luis Tejada, a local realtor, showed a possible effect of the backlash by many conservatives against the promotion, showing a completely empty stand for the famous blue cans at Boston’s Fenway Park.

“Fenway Park Bud Light stand Ghost Town!” Tejada captioned the video, which has received over one million views on TikTok.

“Guys, this is so funny and bizarre,” he said in his thick Boston accent as The Zombies ‘Time of the Season’ played in the background.

“Look at that. That is the Bud Light… that is every single Bud Light stand here at Fenway Park in Boston,” he exclaimed, showing the empty countertop…

Todd Allen, most recently the Global Vice President of Budweiser, has been announced as the new Vice President of Marketing for Bud Light – after [Alissa] Heinerscheid and [Daniel] Blake took a leave of absence.

After the post on April 1st, Anheuser-Busch lost more than $6 billion in market capitalisation in just six days.

The beer giant’s stock roughly traded at just over 5% decrease in the total share value and the company’s market capitalisation stood at $113.33 billion…

Bud Light is the largest beer brand in the U.S., but [Heinerscheid and Blake’s] decision to work with Mulvaney has seriously affected the company.

During the NCAA basketball tournament from March 18th to April 1st, it was the clear leader of all Light beers, up 15%, according to Brewbound.

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