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Vernon Coleman: Climate Change Whingers aren’t just Idiots – They’re Psychos and Murderers

Today, in Africa, around 140 million people are starving to death. One person dies of hunger every 30 seconds.

This is no accidental humanitarian crisis.

It is not a result of climate change or global warming or any other manufactured bollocks.

It is a result of deliberate, inhumane policies deliberately designed to slaughter millions and reduce the world’s population.

I have been repeatedly warning that this would happen since June 13th 2020 – that’s nearly three years ago. Check out my website articles and videos.

My book Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History contains the transcripts of my first few months’ videos (all banned by the evil YouTube). The word ‘starvation’ appears 15 times in that book.

It was always going to happen.

The entirely purposeless and deadly lockdowns, the breakdown of global supply chains, the disruption of transport, the absurd attacks on the use of fossil fuels and the deliberately engineered war between NATO and Russia have all contributed to the problem.

World famous war criminals such as Biden, Sunak, Trudeau et al must all take the blame. They are responsible for the 140 million who are starving to death.

And the climate change psychopaths (I’m upgrading them all from mere ‘nutters’) who campaign so vociferously for the Great Reset are also responsible.

Everyone supporting Ukraine, everyone attacking the use of fossil fuels, everyone whinging about non-existent climate change, everyone campaigning for the Great Reset and the New World Order is a mass murderer. All those preening, self-righteous Greens with their plastic sandals and cotton T-shirts emblazoned with stupid slogans are murderers.

It has been painfully obvious for years that this would happen.

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