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Have victims of covid fake vaccines become a new source of organ donors?

Jacinda Ardern’s government had an emotional response to the crisis and a mistaken understanding of science, which led to multiple vaccine-induced deaths.  Have these victims become a new source of organ donors for organ transplantation?

By perusing scientific literature from around the world, New Zealand’s Dr. Guy Hatchard explores what vaccine-induced deaths mean from the perspective of transplant surgeons.

“[While] transplant surgeons are very excited to have more available young donors … [they] completely fail to comment on the significance of the increased number of cases of vaccine-induced death,” he writes. “Transplant surgeons are narrowly focused on their discipline. Despite being aware of increases in covid vaccine-induced death, they wrote papers which failed to sound the alarm.”

This leads Dr. Hatchard into a discussion of the harms vaccines cause and the efforts of Ardern and MP (Midazolam Pusher) Matt Hancock to ensure information about those harms are never publicly discussed or investigated.

It requires a deep dive into published scientific literature to assess why scientific opinion about covid vaccines is still polarised, despite the growing evidence of serious harm. Bear with me while we enquire how this happened with reference to an exemplar condition – stroke.

The leaked Wellington Region health data shows that the incidence of strokes requiring hospitalisation in 2023 was up by 25% on pre-pandemic levels. These rises in stroke incidence began in 2021, before the arrival of covid in New Zealand, but after the vaccine rollout began. Despite this, published scientific papers continue to point to covid-19 infection as the sole source of increased stroke incidence, in some cases, as in THIS paper, not even mentioning a possible role of covid vaccination.

Accordingly, New Zealand’s Medsafe has been able to continue to maintain there have been only two incidences of vaccine-induced deaths; allowing Ardern, Chris Hipkins (the current Prime Minister of New Zealand) Ashley Bloomfield (the former Chief Executive of the Ministry of Health and New Zealand’s Director-General of Health) and others to cling to the fiction that covid vaccination is safe.

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