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Almost Half of US Citizens Concerned About Safety of Bank Deposits – Poll

A total of 48% of adults in the United States are worried about the safety of the money on their bank accounts, a new Gallup poll showed on Thursday.

Those concerned about the reliability of the US banking system are divided in two groups, one of which includes 19% of the respondents who are “very worried” and the other encompassing 29% of those who are “moderately worried,” the findings showed.

Despite the considerably high level of anxiety among bank accounts holders, there are also 30% of those who are “not too worried” and another 20% who are “not worried at all,” the poll revealed.

As for the most worried social groups, those are Republicans, independents, middle- and lower-incomers, and people without a college degree, with the 55% of the members of the GOP and 51% of independents saying that they are at least moderately worried, according to the poll’s data. Conversely, only 36% of Democrats share their concerns.

In terms of education level, there is also a clear division, with 54% of US citizens without college degree being very or moderately worried, while only 36% of those with high school diploma are, the poll revealed.

The survey was conducted from April 3-25, following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. The third bank, First Republic, went bankrupt after the research was completed.

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