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Rise Of Skynet? Robot Dog Gets ChatGPT Brain

A team of artificial-intelligence engineers equipped a Boston Dynamics robot dog with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Text-to-Speech voice, creating what could be a real-life Skynet-like robot.

In a recent video posted to Twitter, machine learning engineer Santiago Valdarrama showed how the robo-dog can interact with humans via a voice interface faster than control panels and reports.

“These robots run automated missions every day,” Valdarrama said in a Twitter thread, noting that each mission could be “miles-long, hard-to-understand configuration files” and “only technical people can handle them.” When paired with ChatGPT and Google’s Text-to-Speech voice, a user can ask simple questions to the robot about “configuration files and the mission results.”

“We can now ask the robots about past and future missions and get an answer in real time. ChatGPT interprets the question, parses the files, and formulates the answer,” he said.

The ChatGPT brain means anyone can talk to the robo-dog.


In the short term, integrating a ChatGPT brain into robots may appear harmless. However, there’s a dark risk to artificial intelligence, giving rise to intelligent robots in a Skynet-like scenario.

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