Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 4 May 2023

Here we go – it was a ‘conspiracy theory’, right? The lunatics that run New York are going to track and dictate what you eat because of the ‘climate crisis’ that doesn’t exist. Imbeciles and behind the scenes – psychopaths

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has unveiled one of the most intrusive plans to date. On track with the World Economic Forum, NYC plans to reduce food-based emissions by 33% by 2030 (Agenda 2030—look it up, people). The Mayor’s Office of Climate & Environmental Justice wants the people to eat more plant-based meals and will incorporate food consumption into greenhouse gas emission metrics. The private sector is also expected to reduce its food emissions by 25% by 2030. Hospitals and schools in NYC have rolled out approved menus that are largely plant-based. The plan is to track EVERY individual household’s food consumption and carbon footprint.

New York is joining a larger network of C40 cities that were provided unlimited power to track their citizens under the premise of climate change. Adams wants to see the type of food residents are consuming and will place them in “good” or “bad” categories. Both the IRS and American Express announced it is partnering with the mayor’s office because this is a blatant attempt to TRACK EVERYTHING YOU DO and CONTROL YOU. American Express and other credit companies could begin reporting on how much you spend on “bad” groceries, textiles, and other goods. The tracking will be easier once they push us into a CBDC but they are now seeing how far they can go and using the cities as testing grounds. The IRS may tax you according to your carbon footprint, similar to the social credit score that we see in China. You will have nothing but I don’t think you will be happy.

This is another move toward smart cities as well, where government will provide housing, basic income, and a digitalized way of life for the have-nots as the elite prosper. It also makes sense why the elites, like Bill Gates, have been hoarding farmland. The computer’s forecast of a revolution is now beginning to make sense because we have nearly lost all of our freedoms, and our way of life as we have known it is endangered.

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