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WEF has a new enemy – car parking spaces

Have you ever been to a densely populated, unfamiliar city and struggled to find a parking spot? It happened to me today when I visited a nearby college town for a “Mom’s weekend” when parents of all college students descended there. Parking was so hard to find!

If the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) gets its way, you will have trouble finding parking every day, everywhere!

It turns out that the WEF has found a new enemy: parking spaces. You see, parking spaces slow down climate progress and “hold back urban mobility.”

While it is hard for me to understand why convenient parking holds back urban mobility – defined as being able to move from place to place easily – the WEF thinks otherwise:

The challenge: In many cities, on-street parking is either underpriced, or there’s an over-abundance of off-street parking. On average, parking takes up around a third of city land mass and with around eight spots for every car. Spaces optimized for cars reduce the ability for cities to accommodate other types of transit, or solutions such as bike sharing or scooter sharing docking stations or vehicle charging stations, says Shin-pei Tsay, Global Head of Cities and Transportation Policy, Uber Technologies.

These outdated mindsets and regulations are holding back urban mobility: Experts, World Economic Forum, 14 April 2023

As some of you may not immediately pick up the WEF’s coded language, the above means that they think that parking should cost more and that there should be fewer parking spaces.

I am unsurprised that Ms. Shin-pei Tsay, an Uber executive who is a WEF member, hopes to make parking more difficult for us. Uber would make more money if city dwellers could not find convenient parking. Shin-pei Tsay is a known long-time enemy of car parking spaces:

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