Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 30 April 2023

Criticising China’s Covid Lockdowns is ‘Microaggression’, University Tells Staff

Criticising China’s Covid lockdowns is a “microaggression”, a university has told professors. The Telegraph has the story.

The University of Surrey’s mandatory online module for staff, titled ‘introduction to race equity’, includes several examples of so-called microaggressions, or subtle remarks or actions that some find offensive.

Academics are told that they should not critique the Communist Party’s zero-Covid draconian lockdown measures, which have seen millions locked in their homes, as Chinese students may feel they are simply “caring more about others”.

Students are encouraged to anonymously report such perceived slights on a “Report + Support” webpage and scholars are urged “to seek advice from human resources regarding next steps” if they are reported…

The Telegraph can reveal that bosses at the university, based in Guildford, are facing a revolt from more than a dozen of their own academics who accuse them of “policing conformity with controversial moral and/or political beliefs” of what they say, and even the readings they assign to students.

The row centres on the provost, Tim Dunne, seeking to “morally evaluate academics” with a new appraisal criteria that requires managers to mark them on their pursuit of “fairer outcomes”, demonstrate “inclusive educational practice” and “actively champion initiatives to promote diversity and fairness in our community”.

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