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Trans Mascot Dylan Mulvaney Says It Should Be Illegal To Misgender People

How much participation should be required of the general public in the personal fantasies of transgender activists? 

How much “affirmation” should we be forced to offer in submission to the trans ideology?  This is perhaps the biggest issue at the core of the debate over “trans rights” – It’s not so much about rights, it’s about how much special treatment trans activists can squeeze out of the populace.

While initially claiming that the use of preferred pronouns was more about common courtesy and that the movement would “never” try to demand legal recourse for the act of misgendering, gender ideologues are now pressing for the full force of government to strike down political opponents with consequences should they dare to point out biological facts.

Does dude look like a lady?  One day it might be illegal to point these things out.

Canada’s socialist government in particular (along with provincial governments) has been quick to embrace the trans movement and is now acting to punish misgendering as a human rights violation.  They are even calling for the banning of “offensive remarks” within 100 meters of any drag show.  In other words, the goal of the trans movement and the political left is to have arbitrary control of individual speech and to shut down all opposition.  This sentiment has been repeated by the now notorious Dylan Mulvaney, a biological man that identifies as a woman who has somehow become a prominent mascot for trans activists simply by prancing around on TikTok.

Mulvaney gained global attention after Anheuser-Busch partnered with him in a disastrous promotional stunt for their Bud Light brand that resulted in the beer company losing billions in market value and their sales plunging. It was obviously not the kind of attention that Mulvaney intended and the activist is angry that numerous publications are referring to him as a “him.”

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