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Rise of the ULEZ ‘Blade Runners’: The underground activists who’ve vowed to stop at nothing until they’ve ‘taken down EVERY one of Sadiq Khan’s low-emission cameras’

A secret activist army is vandalising and stealing Sadiq Khan‘s hated Ulez cameras.

Dubbed the ‘Blade Runners’, the covert group has been attacking ANPR camerasthat catch out drivers using high-polluting vehicles across the capital.

The London Mayor’s controversial scheme will force Londoners to pay £12.50-a-day to drive in Greater London from August 29, if their cars don’t meet certain environmental standards.

One of the secretive Blade Runners, who met with MailOnline, vowed: ‘We are going to take down every single one no matter what’.

Dressed in a balaclava to protect his identity, the father in his mid-forties revealed he had stolen 34 Ulez cameras himself but his group and others like them have taken down hundreds.


He told MailOnline: ‘In terms of damage it’s way more than what [Khan and TfL] have stated. It’s at least a couple of hundred.

‘Snipping, damaging with hammers, painting, disabling on a circuit level and removing. They are unbolted and they are snipped.

‘The tools they use to install them are the ones we use to remove it.

‘We don’t want this. It’s a way to try to… restrict our movements.

‘F*** them. It will not happen because we haven’t done anything to deserve it.’

Sadiq Khan has claimed the police take vandalism of Ulez cameras ‘very seriously’.

Transport for London (TfL) said vandalism was ‘unacceptable’ and ‘all incidents are reported to the police for investigation’.

However, when approached by MailOnline, the Met Police said there was ‘no trace’ they had ever investigated Ulez cameras being damaged or stolen.

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