Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 28 April 2023

Why won’t someone stop THEM? Just Stop Oil morons block an ambulance as they stage road stunts bringing London traffic to a halt

Just Stop Oil protesters caused chaos on the roads today – even blocking an ambulance from passing – as they staged fresh protests today.

In video obtained by MailOnline, activists were seen walking slowly along Oxford Street in central London at the front of a long snake of barely-moving traffic when the ambulance gets stuck in the jam behind them.

But while police in Germany this week were seen dragging eco-fanatics off Berlin highways, Metropolitan Police officers appeared to take no immediate action to stop the protesters from the XR offshoot trying to bring the capital to a standstill.

Scotland Yard has come under fire for its approach to policing eco demonstrations, at times standing by or threatening members of the public with arrest if they try to get zealots to move.

By contrast, the German police officers this week drilled around protesters who had glued their hands to a road in Berlin before arresting them.

Just Stop Oil said its activists moved out of the way as soon as they realised the ambulance was behind them.


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