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University Cancels Film After Trans-Rights Protesters Blockade Venue

A Scottish university has been accused of siding with a “censorious minority” after it cancelled the screening of a film following trans-rights protests.

Tess White, MSP for Scotland’s north-east region, said Edinburgh University had censored free speech by pulling the plug on showing “Adult Human Female”—a documentary asserting that women are defined solely by their biological sex.

The screening was organised with the university’s support after a previous event in December was also cancelled when protesters occupied a screening room minutes before it was due to be shown.

On Wednesday, the entrance to a lecture hall in George Square was blockaded by protestors several hours before the film was due to be screened.

According to the Conservative politician—who was at the campus to watch the 90-minute documentary—people were “physically prevented” from attending the viewing.

The university has said it worked with the event’s organisers over the issue, however, a decision to cancel the screening was taken due to safety concerns.

Describing the decision as “disgraceful,” White posted on Twitter: “For the second time, women have been shut out of Edinburgh University for trying to discuss their rights.

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