Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 28 April 2023

Rural Texas school promotes chatrooms for children to talk to strangers about gender, tells parents to affirm trans kids

The Charlotte Independent School District in Charlotte, a rural town in Texas, wants to indoctrinate your children under the guise of mental health.

On its surface, the district’s website appears like any other, with information on the school schedule, supplies list, and student hand book. But a closer look reveals an attempt at pushing gender ideology onto young students and their parents. The school’s counseling department has a separate web page dedicated to mental health resources which is filled with information that seeks to groom students.

The page contains links to chat rooms where students are encouraged to seek advice from strangers. Q Chat Space is one of the recommended websites. It purports to provide online discussion groups for LGBTQ+ teens ages 13-19, facilitated by staff who are not mental health professionals. LGTBQ Youth Chatrooms is also included as one of the schools mental health resources. Their chat rooms are open to teens ages 19 and younger to “talk in a safe space and be able to express themselves without fear of being judged.”  Both websites contain a “quick escape” button that prompts the page to shut down so that parents cannot see what their children are up to. Charlotte ISD is encouraging students to talk to strangers about their gender.
Other resources offered on the website include Validation Station and LGBTQ MAP. Validation Station is a free texting service that sends daily gender-affirming and “uplifting” text messages to trans and non-binary youth. LGBTQ MAP is a color-coded map that informs users which states have LGBTQ inclusive curriculum laws and which do not. States like Texas and Florida are shaded in dark orange, indicating that these states have a “Don’t Say Gay or Trans” law that “censors discussions of LGBTQ people or issues in school.”

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