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Insanity: Biden Energy Secretary With Links To ‘Green’ Energy Wants All US Military Vehicles To Be Electric By 2030

As if the US military was not already crippled by woke activism at the highest levels of the Department of Defense, the latest news suggests that the nation’s military vehicle fleet will be hobbled as well.

Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, a Canadian born lawyer with no military background, testified Wednesday to the Senate Armed Services Committee that she supported requiring the United States military to move to an all-electric vehicle fleet by 2030.  That’s less than seven years.

Her assertions rest on a number of fallacies.

First, Granholm does not address where the energy would come from to power the lithium based batteries that an EV fleet would rely on.  Generally, green energy options are highly inefficient and carbon based fuels are the primary source of electricity for much of the nation.  They seem to think electricity is magic, but every time a climate activist charges up their EV they are most likely using “fossil fuels” to do it.

Iowa is held up as a golden idol among climate activists for its large windmill farms that produce up to 40% of the state’s power, but such systems tend to fail under harsh conditions and are in no way portable, which makes one wonder why Granholm cited Iowa as a reference for justifying military EVs?

The advantage of gas based vehicles over EVs is obvious – There is no long wait time for recharging, refueling is instant and access to a large energy producing source is not required.  In a war zone, there are few places to plug in your Tesla Humvee.  Shifting to EVs would essentially bottleneck operations, making vehicles less independent with less range and easier to disrupt.

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