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Globalists plan for future policing to be done by militarily-equipped, transhuman, robotic police (as I have been predicting for decades)

As has been carefully documented, under cover of the “virus/vaccine” narrative, the Global Elite is implementing long-planned and profound changes to 200 areas of human life.

In essence, as documented elsewhere – see ‘We Are Being Smashed Politically, Economically, Medically and Technologically by the Elite’s “Great Reset”: Why? How Do We Fight Back Effectively? – this program will kill off a substantial proportion of humanity, imprison those left alive as transhuman slaves in their “smart cities” subject to their Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies (including 5G, digital ID, CBDCs, geofencing, AI policing and a robotised workforce), enclose the Commons forever and transfer all wealth to Elite hands.

Needless to say, with some people already resisting and more people likely to perceive the truth of what is happening and join the resistance with the passage of time, policing the imposition of this program will be a critical factor in ensuring its success.

As indicated then, just one area in which profound change will take place is policing.  Future policing will be done by a smaller number of militarily-equipped police, transhuman police and technocratic police supported by corporate private security technology.

In this article, I will briefly outline the key changes to policing, in these three distinct categories, and also explain why these changes must be resisted and how we can do this most effectively.

Fewer and Militarised Police

Reflecting a longer-term trend, in 2019 the International Association of Chiefs of Police reported that “Law enforcement agencies across the United States are struggling to recruit and hire police officers.” While police killings of innocent civilians – see Mapping Police Violence and ‘Not just “a few bad apples”: US police kill civilians at much higher rates than other countries’ – failed to rate a mention in the report, it did at least acknowledge “scrutiny of the police, cellphone recordings of interactions between the police and public, media coverage, and popular entertainment portrayals of police have led many young people to view police differently than their parents may have.” See The State of Recruitment: A Crisis for Law Enforcement.

In late 2021, two years into policing the pandemic, US police reported a substantially increased rate of retirement and resignation among police officers, with more than five times as many police leaving the New York Police Department in 2021 as left in 2020. According to the report: “In the wake of a spasmodic year of protests and pandemic, plus an aftermath of violent crime, the profession may be fast approaching a generational and possibly historic reckoning.” See ‘Law enforcement faces unprecedented challenges in hiring and keeping recruits’.

On the other side of the world, where the Victoria Police had suffered an image-battering following their violent policing of protests against covid lockdown measures – see Australia: Harsh Police Response During Covid-19’ – the situation was the same: “Victoria Police is facing a staffing crisis with an extra 1,500 frontline officers needed, secret modelling has warned.” See ‘Secret Report Reveals Victoria Police Facing a Staffing Crisis’.

Of course, other police forces around the world suffered image batterings in response to their violent response to those protesting “pandemic” lockdowns and other restrictions. See, for example, ‘Serbia: Violent police crackdown against COVID-19 lockdown protesters must stop’.

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