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Police Refuse to Clear Roads Blocked by Eco-Loon Protestors While Threatening With Arrest Motorists Who Do it Themselves

Police in London have refused to clear roads being blocked by eco-loon ‘Just Stop Oil’ protestors while threatening with arrest any motorists who try to do it themselves. The Mail has more.

A Tory former minister today furiously blasted officers for their “Alice in Wonderland” approach to policing Just Stop Oil stunts after motorists were effectively threatened with arrest if they tried to drag the zealots off the roads.

In angry scenes this morning, drivers got out of their vehicles and tore banners from eco-fanatics who have staged a second day of protests in London in a bid to bring the capital to a standstill.

A video shared by Just Stop Oil shows a man telling the demonstrators to “f*** off, every single one of you” and “move out of the way”. When he rips the banners from the hands of protesters and pushes them to the side of the road, police nearby go to stop him.

One of the uniformed officers then tells the man “if you push them, that’s assault – if you do that, that is a crime”, while the commuter can be heard complaining “people have got to go to work”.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline today, Conservative MP Peter Bone blasted “upside down” policing. He said: “There seems to be one rule for protesters and another for hard working individuals who want to go about their job.

“They can break the law, block roads and do criminal damage, and nothing seems to happen. A motorist who just seems to want to get on with their job is threatened with effectively being arrested.”

The former minister added: “At the moment policing seems to be upside down. The people who are breaking the law and obstructing people going about their normal lives, nothing happens to them. The people who just want to get to work are getting into trouble. It’s an Alice in Wonderland situation.”

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