JK Rowling has slammed Ireland’s Eurovision entry after the group ‘cut all ties’ with a member who called a knife-wielding transgender robber a man.

Wild Youth said they had parted ways with creative director Ian Banham out of ‘unity and kindness’ after he referred to a trans attacker and convicted rapist as a man.

Zara Jade, 54, was jailed for nine years for stabbing and robbing a vulnerable victim and tying her to a chair before taking her card and withdrawing £300 from an ATM.

Ms Rowling condemned the band’s move on Twitter and criticised a BBC article on Jade’s arrest with the headline ‘Woman jailed after stabbing and tying up victim.’

She said: ‘The re-traumatisation of female rape survivors, including this man’s victims, on seeing him called a woman by the press counts for nothing, naturally.