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Leaked New Zealand Health Data: Had the Government told the truth about fake vaccine harms; lives would have been saved

Leaked Government data from the Wellington Region in New Zealand shows the number of heart attacks resulting in hospitalisation has increased by 83%. Hospitalisation for myocarditis is up by one third, a 33% increase. Miscarriage, stillbirths, and strokes are all up by a quarter, a 25% increase. And acute kidney injury is up by 40%.

Last Friday, an anonymous source sent Dr. Guy Hatchard some internal data from the New Zealand Health Department – Te Whatu Ora.  The data shows what Te Whatu Ora and the Government have been withholding from the public.

As well as the increase in myocarditis, miscarriages, stillbirths and strokes, the data shows the incidence of some cancers is also rising.  It confirms what New Zealanders have been witnessing:

People are mysteriously falling sick and dying in large numbers.  Everyone is looking over their shoulders and wondering if they are next in line. Slowly the realisation dawns that perhaps the authorities themselves have a dark secret they are trying to hide.

Excess deaths have been running at unprecedented levels for well over a year, hospital admissions are also at record levels, and the health service is overwhelmed.

For months we have been asking for data by disease category and vax status. From what data we do have, it appears that the vaccinated are being affected disproportionately.

Against the evidence, the authorities and their experts stubbornly maintain that it must be due to covid infection, rather than vaccination. They are calling for more mRNA vaccination, not less.

The leaked figures are from the Wellington Region, which contains approximately 10% of New Zealand’s population. Presuming they are accurate; the hospital admission figures verify that the health of the population is getting progressively worse.

When are they going to come clean and admit that biotechnology at the heart of mRNA vaccines is inherently dangerous and needs to be stopped?

Te Whatu Ora Are Hiding the Alarming Figures – a Tsunami of Illness, Dr. Guy Hatchard, 21 April 2023

The rise in hospital admissions across many illness categories in Wellington Region will have multiple causes, Dr. Guy Hatchard noted. The question is what are the weightings of the potential causal factors? In an article following the release of the leaked data, Dr. Hatchard answered some of the questions he had received regarding the possible causal factors.  You can read the questions and his answers HERE.

In a subsequent article, he explained the significance of the data and what New Zealand health officials were claiming despite having this information to hand – it tells a story of lies and cover-ups that has cost lives.

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