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Injuries from the fake vaccine become the dominant theme of German reporting on the mRNA injections

Last month, German Health Minister and renowned virus pest Karl Lauterbach gave a remarkable interview in which he denounced “exorbitant” pharmaceutical profits, deplored “dismaying” vaccine injuries, and called for the manufacturers to set aside funds for those who have been harmed.

He did so amid a growing wave of reporting on vaccine injuries in the German press – a wave which his statements have now turned into a tsunami. In the weeks since, vaccine injuries and side effects have become the dominant theme of German press coverage on the injections, from local papers to national media.

It’s been a serious shift, the likes of which I’m not sure has unfolded in any other country. To give you a taste of it, I’ve assembled a representative selection of stories from the last eight weeks or so, in roughly reverse chronological order. As you read through them, remember that these are all links to publications read by ordinary people; I’ve excluded all media with overt covid-sceptic associations.

He lost his sight: Dietmar S. sues BioNTech for 150,000 Euros.

Dietmar S. became as good as blind in his right eye following covid vaccination. Now the case is going to trial.

“The problems are hushed up”: Marburg cardiologist Bernhard Schieffer treats people who suffer from long-term symptoms after covid vaccinations. He criticises the lack of support – and Health Minister Karl Lauterbach.

Post-Vac: “My life is no longer like before” – Sick after covid vaccination.

Almost five million people in Hesse have been vaccinated against covid-19. Some have developed serious illnesses afterwards. One of them is Dieter Gebert from Kassel.

Lupus after covid vaccination: A young woman from Hesse is treated in special Cologne clinic.

19-year-old Juline from Butzbach was severely injured by a corona vaccination and now requires expensive immunoadsorption.

Covid vaccine injury: Do manufacturers face liability? Anyone who has suffered vaccine damage can take action against the vaccine manufacturers and apply for state benefits. But the hurdles for compensation are high.

Soon the first lawsuits will start: Across Germany, there are almost 200 civil lawsuits against corona vaccine manufacturers like BioNTech. The plaintiffs claim to have been harmed by the vaccination.

Injection with an aftermath: A man from Sigmaringen suffered a stroke after covid vaccination

Shortly after the second jab, Bernhard Strobel collapsed. He still feels the consequences today. Now he is going to court.

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