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Here’s why cowardly doctors didn’t dare stand up and tell the truth about covid and the jab

There is much bewilderment among intelligent doctors and scientists as to why so many doctors kept quiet about the lies being told when the covid-19 hoax and the fake pandemic unfolded.

So, why did so many doctors keep quiet about the covid-19 vaccine and continued to prescribe a product which has been accurately described as the most dangerous and damaging single pharmaceutical product ever marketed? The covid-19 jab did not do what the establishment promised it would do but, at the same time, it caused countless thousands of deaths and serious injuries among the patients who were injected.

There are two explanations for the fact that so many doctors ignored the evidence and did what they were told to do by dishonest advisors within the medical establishment and bought and paid for journalists and celebrities.

The first explanation is that all over the world doctors were extraordinarily well paid to give the covid-19 jabs. Hospitals were given bribes (labelled as bonuses) which were dependent upon the number of patients they injected. Doctors were bought off, and dissuaded from asking too many questions, by being paid well over the normal fees for giving vaccinations. Those doctors will, in due course, appear in court where they will be unable to mount any sort of defence. To say that they behaved unprofessionally and greedily is a massive understatement.

The second explanation is that doctors were too terrified to speak out against the medical establishment because they saw what had happened to colleagues who dared to share their views with their colleagues and the general public and who had had their licences removed by the official licensing authorities and, in addition, been vilified by the media .

The truth, so well hidden during the last three years, is that the medical establishment was, as it has been for decades, controlled by the pharmaceutical industry and instead of looking at the facts licensing authorities around the world merely did as they were told to do. Numerous doctors lost their licences, and their livelihoods, because they dared to speak out and tell the truth. The majority of doctors, seeing what had happened to those who spoke out, kept quiet and betrayed their patients, themselves and their profession. Those gutless wimps should be ashamed.

In this short paper I intend to explain the truth about this great betrayal.

I’m going to illustrate my explanation with specific reference to what happened in the United Kingdom, where doctors are licensed by the General Medical Council, an organisation which is, in theory at least, a charity but which appears to have some of the worst qualities of a quango, a government department and an enforcer for the drug industry. I believe that drug companies control governments, they control the medical establishment and, it appears, they may also control the UK’s medical licensing authority – the General Medical Council.

Fifty years ago, the General Medical Council was infamous for providing the Sunday newspapers with a regular diet of scandal and sleaze. The GMC specialised in striking off doctors who had been found abusing drugs or having sex with their patients. Occasionally, they would take aim at doctors who could be accused of advertising.

I should mention, at this point, that in the 1970s, I attracted the attention of the GMC as a result of my writing a series of novels which I had written under a pen name. Responding to a complaint from a drug company, the GMC wrote to me and I was threatened with the removal of my name from the medical register. Since I was at the time an NHS GP with no private patients and since the novels had been written under a pen name which was a fairly well-kept secret (if not, apparently, from the GMC) the case against me fell apart quite quickly. This did not, however, prevent the GMC from targeting me on other occasions when they received complaints from drug companies which objected to my more academic books (such as The Medicine Men – published in 1975) in which I had exposed the close links between the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment.

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