Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 26 April 2023

Christianne van Wijk: “Many conspiracy theorists have their thinking cap on back to front”

With mainstream lobotomised excuses for journalists at number 1, I would say a close second in subcultures of those who are unquestioning are a certain type of ‘conspiracy theorist’.

What I’ve just said is obviously paradoxical on multiple levels. You’d think they’d be the ones questioning. Forget that. Many in this category get a dopamine kick out of seeing a conspiracy in just about anything. You’re in a picture with a child? You must be a paedo. You work in Silicon Valley? You’re part A.I. You’re an actor? You’re definitely transgender.

‘Truthers’ are the easiest to deceive and they’ll copy and paste ‘intel’ without a smear of research or evidence.

Another reason my contention is paradoxical is because I, myself, work in the alternative media offering alternative viewpoints. How very disloyal of me to call out this group that is ‘trying to make a difference’, you might think.

Take David Icke, a man who has been working tirelessly for 34 years offering the world well researched truth bombs but is deemed ‘controlled opposition’, a ‘Freemason’, a ‘shill’ and so forth by large swathes of ‘truthers’. Evidence to back these accusations up is far fetched in the form of images that prove bugger all and easily debunkable statements. Anyone willing to do a bit of research will find out that none of these theories about David Icke have any substance. Yet this group just goes along with the wave of the moment.

What they don’t seem to realise is that their paranoia is blocking the progress that could be made by those who are genuinely wanting to present their valid and important research to the world.

Someone like Cathy O’Brien who has dedicated her life to sharing insights into the world of mind control and Satanic Ritual Abuse is overshadowed by attention seeking fake ‘victims’ who end up accusing innocent people and setting the cause back significantly. There is one such person in the UK who I openly called out and requested she present evidence of her sordid accusations. She subsequently proceeded to block me and anyone else who jeopardised her energy sucking enterprise.

Is it any surprise that mainstream folk think conspiracy theorists are a bunch of nutters?

Is it baffling that they raise their eyebrows when a fruit loop gets angry when asked what their sources are when making outlandish claims?

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