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China Seeks to Use WHO Pandemic Treaty to Expand Its Social Credit System Globally: Advocat

According to Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, China seeks to use the WHO’s proposed amendments and pandemic treaty to expand its social credit system globally.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is pushing for a pandemic treaty and changes to the current International Health Regulations (IHR) to strengthen its position during medical emergencies. Additionally, these suggestions expand the definition of emergencies to encompass prospective danger, not just actual injury. A definition of “One Health” that includes all occurrences in the biosphere that might affect human well-being is provided in the draft treaty. The WHO director-general will have sole authority to make decisions on this matter. Countries will be required to ratify the WHO accords.

Littlejohn said that if the amendments and the pandemic treaty are passed in the form they are currently in, “the WHO would move from being an advisory body to being a compulsory body that the words nonbinding is suggested to be deleted.”

“So there would be a regulatory body and an enforcement body,” Littlejohn told “China in Focus” on NTD, the sister outlet of the Epoch Times.

Wipe Out Sovereignty

Littlejohn pointed to the One Health approach, saying that it would destroy national sovereignty as it allows the UN organization to determine if there’s a health risk based on their assessment that there’s a pandemic or a potential pandemic.

In that case, the WHO could move in the concerned country not just based on a human pandemic or germ but also animals, plants, or the environment, according to Littlejohn.

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