Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 26 April 2023

At least 763 celebrities dead after ‘Covid’ fake vaccine! So how many more citizens have died then?

Comedian: But I want you to know… double-vaxxed, booster, traveled, went to Mexico twice, did shows, in Greece, never got covid, clearly, Jesus loves me though, seriously, so nice… so nice! Collapses and dies after the deadly gene vaccinations, live on the air! Trailor of all breakdowns and deaths:

21 year-old soccer player dies on the field. Another victim of the murderous mRNA vaccination.

22 year-old Kabaddi player dies of a heart attack during a match. Another victim of the toxic vaccinations.

24 year-old athlete dies suddenly after collapsing during a game due to vaccinations. Young kickboxer collapses and dies in ring after gene vaccination.

20 year -old dancer dies of heart attack on stage, another tragic vaccine victim.

20 year-old ice hockey player, dies of vaccination side effects during tournament. Hockey player dies in the middle of a game from vaccine-induced cardiac arrest.

20 year-old soccer player collapses on field and dies from fatal vaccine side effects. Dancer collapses on stage and dies due to lethal vaccination.

Athlete collapses and dies of „cardiac arrest“ during bike race, after vaccinations.

32 year-old marathon runner dies of vaccine-induced heart attack just before finish line. Magician dies on stage during a performance, a tragic victim of vaccinations.

Radio host dies of heart attack live on air, a typical effect of the vaccination. Trainer dies of heart attack during training session caused by the vaccine.

Runner dies after vaccine-induced collapse at Kuala Lumpur marathon.

Soccer player dies of heart attack on field, like many other athletes after vaccination.

Handball player dies after suffering a vaccine-induced cardiac arrest mid-game and another in the hospital.

Watch Video Here: 763 celebrities dead after Covid vaccine! How many more citizens died then?!

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