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Charlotte has been left destitute and relying on food banks while Kam’s still in shock at losing her husband: The heartbroken families of AstraZeneca Covid vaccine victims who say they’ve been abandoned by the government

Two years have passed since Kam Miller lost her husband Neil — and the shock at what happened is still audible in her voice.

‘Every morning I wake up and I still can’t quite believe that he isn’t here,’ says Kam, 57. ‘Sometimes I even wonder if it was just a bad dream, then it hits me — this really happened.’

It was on May 1, 2021, while Kam was sat at the kitchen table of their Leicester home, browsing online for presents for Neil’s 51st birthday, that she heard a sickening thud.

She ran upstairs to the bathroom where Neil had gone to take a shower — and the memory of what she saw next won’t leave her.

‘It was horrible, awful,’ says Kam, her voice breaking. ‘Neil was on the floor unconscious, making gurgling noises. That image won’t go from my head.’

Shaking, she called for an ambulance while her daughter Sophia, 26, ran upstairs and started doing CPR on her father.

It was no use — Neil was declared dead at the scene. He was just 50.

The cause? A rare reaction to the AstraZeneca Covid jab.

More than 220,000 have lost their lives because of Covid in this country, but there are families for whom the pandemic led to a different tragedy — disability, injury or death of loved ones as a result of having Covid vaccines.

Indeed, a battle is now brewing about what should be done to help those left bereaved, like Kam, or with life-changing injuries as a result. The numbers involved are in the hundreds, possibly thousands.

Neil, who wrote IT manuals, was the main breadwinner of the family. So Kam, who works in customer services for a clothing firm, and the couple’s children, Sophia and son Eshan, 22, are dealing not just with emotional grief, but are also worried about their financial future.

‘On my income alone, I can’t manage,’ says Kam. ‘We had a savings account, but I’m taking from it every month just to pay everything.’

She is still supporting her son, who has only just been able to start pilot training as he was so floored by grief at his father’s death.

‘I am even concerned about paying for my grief counselling — its £50 for 50 minutes, and I can’t manage without it,’ adds Kam. ‘I’m really scared about my future.’

Last week, the Mail spoke to Gareth Eve, whose wife, radio presenter Lisa Shaw, died aged 44 due to complications of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine. He, together with 75 others, including Kam, is taking legal action against AstraZeneca.

And, astonishingly, the taxpayer will likely have to foot the bill for any payout as the Government agreed an indemnity with the pharmaceutical giant, sparing it from paying out compensation in such circumstances. The agreement was made as the vaccine had to be rolled out fast.

However, there is a separate campaign being waged to reform the state-funded system already in place in this country to help people injured by vaccines.

The Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme pays a one-off, tax-free sum of £120,000 to those who have lost loved ones or those left ‘severely disabled’ — defined as at least 60 per cent disabled based on evidence from their doctor — because of a vaccine.

Established in 1979, the scheme is meant to reassure people that in the event something did go wrong, the state would provide support — and this prevents vaccine hesitancy.

It’s not compensation, and those who are successful can still take legal action if they so choose.

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