Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 24 April 2023

No wonder parents are refusing vaccination for their children

A REPORT in the Evening Standard this week claims that 67million children around the world have not had routine immunisations since 2019, thus missing out on protection against potentially deadly diseases.

Being vaccine injured myself and running the Covid vaccine injury support group UK CV Family has given me a new understanding of why parents may be refusing vaccination for their children. I had all my childhood vaccines and many as an adult, something the UK’s inadequate vaccine damage payment scheme assessors will see when they read my file I submitted a year ago.

The government has a history of treating the vaccine injured poorly, with those damaged by both the swine flu vaccine and the HPV vaccine left without medical, financial and emotional support.

The Standard reports that Catherine Russell, Unicef’s executive director, said: ‘At the height of the pandemic, scientists rapidly developed vaccines that saved countless lives. But despite this historic achievement, fear and disinformation about all types of vaccines circulated as widely as the virus itself.

‘We cannot allow confidence in routine immunisations to become another victim of the pandemic otherwise the next wave of deaths could be of more children with measles, diphtheria or other preventable diseases.’

Surely the best way to reassure parents is to make sure that if someone does suffer an adverse reaction, at the very least they are looked after? Many of the vaccine injured are being left for months without seeing a specialist, there are no special clinics to help us, no research team trying to find out why we have had these reactions.
There are no NICE guidelines so our doctors can tick a box to enable us to be referred to someone who may know how to help us and, worst of all, in many cases, there is no empathy or compassion when we describe how our lives have been turned inside out overnight.
Many have spent all their savings trying to find a consultant that has at least seen vaccine injury before and is kind to them. And forget about trying to keep your job if you are injured: the illness itself sees most of us functioning at less than 40 per cent of our previous lives
Many have been ill now for two years in a never-ending cycle of illness and medical admin.

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