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Bud Light Marketing Exec Behind Dylan Mulvaney Campaign Taking Leave of Absence

Alissa Heinerscheid, Vice President of Marketing for Budweiser Light since June, is taking a leave of absence and will be replaced by Vice President of Global Marketing for Budweiser Todd Allen. It’s unclear if the replacement will be permanent. has the story.

The Bud Light marketing executive whose team oversaw its disastrous partnership with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney has taken a leave of absence, according to a report on Friday.

Alissa Heinerscheid was hired to overhaul Bud Light’s marketing in June 2022 with the vision of freshening up its image. But that took a disastrous turn on April 1st when the partnership with Mulvaney was announced, sparking a boycott and knocking $6 billion from the company’s value.

Heinerscheid is being replaced by the Vice President of Global Marketing for Budweiser, Todd Allen, according to Ad Age. …

Heinerscheid’s team was responsible for Bud Light’s widely-lauded Super Bowl ad featuring Miles Teller and his wife Keleigh Sperry, and ‘the Bud Light Carry’ ad, which shows a woman carrying a round of beers to a table of friends without spilling a drop. Those ads were part of Heinerscheid’s vision to make the brand more female friendly – something she has described as a “passion point”.

But that vision was swiftly cut down on April 3rd with the brand’s partnership with Dylan Mulvaney, a controversial trans activist with a mass following on social media, which proved to be a step too far for Bud Light’s loyal customers.

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