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Stress-Free Shipments: Essential Tips for Avoiding Lost Mail

Few things in life are as frustrating as a parcel or mail going missing in transit. Not only does it mean that your correspondence or shipment may never reach its destination, but it also means lost time and money. As a customer who relies on Canada Post to deliver their wedding invitation or Christmas present for an elderly relative safely and on time, you will want to have taken every possible measure to avoid any mishaps or delays. 

In this article, you will find plenty of practical advice on how to make sure your Canada Post parcel does not get lost en route, including using a viable backup Canada tracking postal tool like

3 Mandatory Steps Toward Preparing Your Parcel for Shipment

Good preparation is key to ensuring your package does not get lost or damaged during delivery. Here are the three most crucial steps to take when getting your parcel ready for shipping:

  • Go for a sturdy box: make sure you use the appropriate size box capable of withstanding the weight of the goods shipped and protecting the contents. 
  • Don’t be frugal with packing material: use an ample amount of suitable packing material, such as bubble wrap or crumpled paper, to keep your items safe.
  • Seal it thoroughly: seal the box with strong packing tape and pay attention to the seams and corners that tend to rip easily if things get rough during transit.

However, the most vital preparation step is to label your parcel correctly. Providing a clear and legible recipient’s address and your return address will make it more likely for the package to reach its intended destination. Triple-check that information if necessary to be certain it is going the right way.

Tips for Shipping Your Parcel Safely 

Once all the above have been taken care of, it is time to move on to the actual shipping. There are things you can do to reduce the risk of your parcel getting lost in transit, including:

  1. Choose the right shipping method. Whether you go for regular mail, priority mail, or express post, make sure it includes tracking and delivery confirmation options.
  2. Get insurance. Insuring your parcel might not help it arrive at the intended destination safely or on time but will surely make it easier for you to claim damage or loss expenses should such occur.
  3. Keep the receipt safe. Keep your shipping receipt and tracking number close at hand in case you need to track a lost package or make a claim if its contents are damaged. Do not throw those away until your package has safely arrived at the recipient. 

As reliable as Canada Post’s tracking system is, it is still vulnerable to technical glitches and human errors. Do not rely on the operator’s native system alone but give yourself a backup option in the form of a third-party tracking service such as This tool makes it easy to monitor your parcel’s progress and keeps you timely informed about any delays or issues if there are any. 

It Is All About Due Preparation and Vigilance 

Losing a parcel in transit is incredibly sad, but with the tips above, you can reduce the likelihood of that happening to you and ensure the safe arrival of your package. Using a handy backup tracking solution like will also give your shipment an extra layer of protection and put your mind at ease. 

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