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TikTok To Censor Content That Challenges Global Warming Dogma

Another manifestation of the censorship-industrial complex is being entrenched as TikTok announced it would begin directly censoring videos that dispute man-made climate change.

The changes, which will go in effect on April 21 to mark Earth Day, will crack down on “misinformation” (information harmful to powerful interests) about climate change and elevate “authoritative information” (information amplified by powerful interests invested in pushing the man-made climate change hoax).

The company announced its new censorship policy in a blog post which said the goal was about “driving sustainability awareness” (brainwashing children to be hysterically afraid of the ‘climate crisis’ ending all life on earth).

TikTok said it believes it has an “important role to play in empowering informed climate discussions,” that role being to silence anyone who challenges prevailing mainstream narratives and banning their accounts.

The video platform will push, “Several initiatives that will help reduce harmful climate change misinformation while elevating authoritative information year-round,” states the post.

Information that will be censored includes any claim that “undermines well-established scientific consensus” (despite the fact that the entire premise of ‘science’ is that it’s constantly evolving due to new ideas and criticism of old dogma).

“Denying the existence of climate change or the factors that contribute to it” will lead to videos being ‘fact checked’ by bias organizations which routinely serve as front groups for the environmentalist lobby and governments.

The new measures represent another effort by TikTok, which is owned by Chinese company ByteDance, to appease western governments’ demand for more censorship.

“They’re obviously just copying these policies straight from Google/YouTube,” writes Chris Menahan.

“As a Chinese company, TikTok is responding to “market incentives” — which in this case is the US government threatening to ban them entirely.”

TikTok is by far the most censorious major social platform in existence, arbitrarily removing right-leaning information while simultaneously allowing bizarre and dangerous ‘challenges’ to go viral despite overwhelming dangers to children.

The latest example is the ‘Benadryl Challenge’, which promotes kids taking a dozen or more Benadryl pills in the hopes of hallucinating, which in one case led to the death of an Ohio teenager.

That’s fine, but calmly suggesting that the ‘climate crisis’ may not be the apocalypse some are claiming will be ruthlessly forbidden.

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