Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 21 April 2023

Scarcely Believable but Achingly True

  1. In 2019 the Rand Corporation (an American research organisation which advises the US Government and the US Military) advised the US Government on how to entice Russia into attacking Ukraine.
  2. There is a massive failure of comprehension about the extent of what is happening and how fast it is all happening. There are still people around who regard it as a coincidence that so many bad things are happening all at once. The truth is that everything that seems to be chaotic is choreographed. There are no accidents and no coincidences. There is a reason – one reason – for everything that is happening.
  3. The US is trying to get countries onside by threatening them with violence. Russia and China are trying to get countries onside by offering them deals and friendship. Sadly, the US no longer has the power or wealth to wield a big stick and the carrots on offer are far more effective.
  4. Any extension of World War III will begin with a military exercise. And major military exercises are now occurring daily.
  5. Why is the US determined to defend Taiwan? What would the Americans think if China claimed that Long Island should be independent? What would the British think if China wanted to adopt the Isle of Wight as a protectorate? How many people want to die to protect Taiwan? (Probably the same as the number of people prepared to give their lives to protect Ukraine.)
  6. The world is already in a global recession but governments have changed the definition of ‘recession’ and ‘inflation’ and are fiddling the figures.
  7. The mainstream media hasn’t bothered to report that the war between Saudi Arabia and Yemen (much bigger and nastier than Ukraine) seems to be approaching an end.
  8. The conspirators have always known that AI will lead to at least a billion people being forced into unemployment. There is absolutely no future for administrators, IT specialists or bureaucrats – they will be unemployed within three years at most. Teachers, doctors and nurses will be unemployed (and unemployable) within five years – so will the police. Those who lose their jobs will almost certainly never work again. They will have to survive on the universal basic income.
  9. Sunak is a warmonger. Biden would be a warmonger if he knew what it meant.
  10. The conspirators have speeded things up so that they can move us deeper into the Great Reset before too many people wake up.

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