Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 21 April 2023

Is the BBC the Most Corrupt Broadcaster in the World?

BBC staff like to pretend that they have the right to the high moral ground.

In reality the BBC (which is, let us never forget, a Government approved, Government controlled propaganda machine) employs 22,000 people who should all be arrested for complicity in a series of crimes.

The crimes?

Taking part in the biggest fraud in history. Supporting the fake pandemic, the dangerous lockdowns and the useless but dangerous masks.

Promoting the most dangerous, pharmaceutical product ever made, lionising those making and promoting the vaccine and refusing to allow those questioning the safety and efficacy of the vaccines to discuss their fears on BBC programmes.

Suppressing the truth to help perpetuate the fraud and demonising the truth-tellers.

Refusing to allow proper, balanced debate of vital issues such as vaccination, digital currencies and smart cities.

Promoting the absurd pseudoscientific nonsense known as ‘climate change’ and pretending that it is real and backed by the world’s scientists when it is neither of those things.

If there are any BBC employees with functioning brain tissue (not a big chance I admit) they must know by now that they have been doing the wrong things for years now.

But they know that to admit the truth would mean confessing that they have been lying for more than three years and supporting treacherous conspirators and globalists working against the interests of the public. And there would, of course, be dire legal consequences both for the BBC and for individual employees.

BBC staff have been, and still are, ‘truth deniers’. They have always promoted the European Union (the first step towards the Great Reset). There has been no integrity, no fairness and no transparency for years. The BBC has given us nothing but misinformation and disinformation. They have spread lies and specialised in deception and abuse of the truth tellers.

I recently saw an article on the BBC website titled: ‘How Vladimir Putin’s regime uses TV to keep his people backing the war in Ukraine’ and ‘Telling the Russians what to believe’.

That wins a major prize for hypocrisy.

Do not, whatever you do, pay the BBC licence fee or buy any BBC products. (Naturally, you must make sure you do not break the law but it is possible to avoid paying the licence fee.) As a bonus you will receive a threatening letter every month from the Gestapo collecting

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