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Black Civil Rights Activist Goes Viral For Slamming Reparations – Magnificent

African American civil rights activist Bob Woodson is going viral online after making an appearance on the Dr. Phil show Tuesday where he slammed the idea of black Americans receiving reparations for slavery.

Explaining why he doesn’t support reparations, Woodson said, “Not everyone suffered equally. When you go into slavery, it’s much more complex than white people were the oppressors and black people were the victims. If you dissect it, you will find there were about 3,700 free blacks who owned 12,000 black slaves. The question is, do the descendants of those free blacks who owned black slaves, do they pay?”

Next, the civil rights activist described growing up during the Great Depression, saying 90% of the families in his low-income black community had a mother and father in the household.

He continued, “Elderly people could walk safely in that community without fear of being assaulted by their grandchildren. Never heard gunfire during that time, never heard of a child being shot to death in their crib, but there are fifty children today who have been shot and killed in our cities.”

When it comes to remedies, Woodson suggested black Americans change their mindset that they can only win if white Americans are losing.

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