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I Avoided TV Shows Where the Cast Were of the Wrong Race, Says Actress

The star of Bridgerton’s new spin-off TV show has admitted she chose her TV shows growing up based on the race of the cast. India Amarteifio told Radio Times that she never watched period dramas because they only featured white people – even though she is half white and diversity is supposed to be all about people of different backgrounds coexisting. The Telegraph has more.

Mixed-race British actress India Amarteifio is set to play George III’s wife Queen Charlotte in a new Netflix series, a prequel to the international hit Bridgerton which will portray the royal consort as a woman of African descent.

While about to take on a role in a much-anticipated period piece, Amarteifio has revealed that she avoided watching costume dramas because of the limited racial representation on screen.

“I never used to watch period dramas,” she told Radio Times magazine, adding: “I’m half black and white. My family looks like lots of different people.

“I didn’t see myself represented so I didn’t ever feel a need to watch them.”

If Ms. Amarteifio instinctively avoided TV shows because of the race of the cast, perhaps she needs to submit herself to some unconscious bias training…

And isn’t inserting people of one heritage into the historical portrayal of another culture ‘cultural appropriation’ or something?

Double standards on race on full display once more. But then of course that’s the name of the game in the diversity industry, where the new social rules apply very differently depending on your position in the victimhood hierarchy. And don’t you dare complain, gammon!

Of course, if people want to make and watch period dramas with unrealistically diverse casts, they should be free to do so. And if others want to watch more accurate portrayals, likewise. But the creeping normalisation of anti-white racism and aversion to anything that fails to include enough token diversity, no matter how anachronistic or unnecessary, is hardly conducive to good race relations and social harmony.

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