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PSYOP-MUSK On Tucker Carlson

This substack has previously exposed Elon Musk as a Deep State creation. This is the man that was funded by theft via taxes, who laundered stocks in order to “acquire” Twitter and whose fortune really went parabolic due to the “pandemic.”

Last night Musk was rolled out on Tucker Carlson’s show to further demonstrate his pro-human stance ahead of his own AI company which will perfectly slot into his Neuralink brain-chip implant scheme which integrates into Twitter, remote controllable vehicles that emit far more CO2 (a good thing) and far more pollution than any ICE car and whose subpar self driving tech has killed many (the irony of being unable to get self driving properly functioning, but claiming to reinvent AI, and lest we forget his laughable Optimus robot which could barely walk or his Tesla truck broken windows launch debacle), his circa 1990’s NASA rocket tech (taxpayer funded) that is strewing space with satellites beaming down 5G and God knows what else all across the earth, his payment processor endeavor tied to the forthcoming global social credit score system, and so on and so forth; these projects all consolidate collectively into his X Everything App:

And during PSYOP-19 Musk was dutifully promoting the DEATHVAX™:

Not so bright after all for the “smartest” and “richest” guy in the world, is it?

Musk like Zuckerberg and the Google founders are nothing more than front men. But unlike the other DARPA/CIA/DoD “woke” tech power players, Musk has now been deployed to win the hearts and minds of the conservative pro-human and pro-religion demographics. This is why he “exposed” one of the “founders” of Google as wanting to build a God-like AI — that concept deliberately triggers profound fear in all God fearing people. And of course, Musk is perceived as a kind of Jesus Christ-like tech savior to these naive conservatives watching Tucker at his sycophantic best last night. All by design.

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