Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 19 April 2023

Elon Musk Officially Takes Over Twitter in the Latest “Genius” Con

When CIA/DARPA creation Elon Musk used taxpayer money that he laundered via selling overvalued Tesla shares in order to “purchase” Twitter, this Substack was warning that the social media platform was nothing more than a limited hangout.

Now that PSYOP-MUSK = The Deep State has revealed his true hand by attacking Substack, it is the perfect time to revisit some past articles on the “richest man” and his various grifts.

As many mindlessly celebrate Musk’s Twitter “acquisition” they fail to appreciate the greater Psyop at play here.

Elon Musk is quite literally a CIA creation. He made all of his money from the taxpayers. When he sells his inflated stock that was made possible by ZEV credits, grants, tax breaks, and other corporate welfare fraud he is laundering the money stolen from taxes that was then inflated by a rigged stock market.

James Corbett brilliantly exposed Musk just the other day ahead of this Twitter takeover:

Musk’s grandfather was a founding member of Canada’s technocratic political party before he had to flee that country.

Musk’s entire agenda is that of the WEF; to wit:

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