Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 15 April 2023

Covid “pandemic” policies have abused citizens and permanently corrupted good societal values

Covid “pandemic” policies have opened the floodgates to corruption and the abuse of nations’ citizens.  They have altered standards of political honesty and accountability; courts of law routinely chose to overrule basic freedoms of speech, medical choice, and peaceful protest; the State has forged a partnership with medical authorities and pharmaceutical companies that bypasses basic tenets of safety and informed consent; employment laws were bypassed; and, educational institutions became health police and encouraged children to make adult decisions without their parents’ guidance and which were contrary to family values.

If the Government became a criminal enterprise, how could we respond?

On 12 October 2020 or thereabouts, the New Zealand (“NZ”) government signed an agreement with Pfizer for the supply of Covid 19 mRNA vaccines. The provisions of this agreement have never been revealed to the NZ public. Almost certainly the agreement granted Pfizer immunity from liability and prosecution should any safety issues arise.

If information from other countries is to be believed, it also restricted the right of NZ health authorities to independently investigate or analyse the composition or contents of the vaccines.

The signing of this contract was the opening act of a process which has led to the gradual renunciation of NZ sovereignty, placing the health of the nation in the hands of foreign concerns disinterested in New Zealand’s welfare.

It was also the first pandemic expenditure of many that would eventually add up to $100 billion, the biggest single-issue expenditure in our government’s history outside of wartime. An expenditure that has broken the bank and mortgaged our future.

We were all set to fly blind in the hands of a multinational company well known for cutting corners when it came to safety and reliability and we were committed to paying a hefty price for the privilege. 

Following this first step, there were going to be many other milestones along the way which, as you know, have changed the character of our island nation from independent self-reliance and proud championship of social justice to a pathetic denial of obvious truth, disregard for the health and rights of the individual, and dictatorial manipulation of information.

This week many of you will have watched the documentary ‘SILENCED’, a measured response on the part of a significant group of professionals, a media personality, and NZ doctors who chose to follow medical ethics and ask questions. As a result, they were deregistered by the NZ Medical Council.  It is essential viewing and notable for a careful and considered examination of many of the main issues. The documentary highlights just how much our political and constitutional landscape has been altered by the pandemic.

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