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Clear Biometrics, Microsoft Entra Verifiable Credentials Integrated with LinkedIn

LinkedIn has announced the launch of a new partnership with Clear to provide free identity verification for nearly 200 million U.S. users and a new workplace credential verification system called Verified ID in collaboration with Microsoft Entra.

These two initiatives are designed to enhance digital safety and trust on the platform, the companies say.

Starting this month, American LinkedIn members will be able to validate their profiles using government-issued identification and a selfie.

Through the new partnership, LinkedIn says it offers members a simple way to prove their identity and create trust within its platform of professionals, companies and job opportunities. Current Clear members will be prompted to verify their LinkedIn profile with selfie biometrics.

“Identity is foundational to building trust online. Clear and LinkedIn are partnering to enhance trust on LinkedIn’s platform by offering users a free, simple way to protect themselves and others,” says Caryn Seidman-Becker, the CEO of Clear. “Ensuring authentic digital interactions helps protect real people.”

As of this month, over 15 million users have enrolled their biometrics with the Clear network to verify their identities. The company has been aggressively moving to add use cases outside of travel, such as access to medical records, to its platform.

Microsoft Entra, LinkedIn unveil secure workplace credential verification system
LinkedIn and Microsoft Entra have announced a new way to verify workplace credentials.

The integration allows people with LinkedIn profiles to verify where they work online with Entra’s Verified ID. Businesses use the technology to issue digital employee IDs that users can then share.

Verified ID is based on open standards for decentralized identity, which operates on a “triangle of trust” model involving three parties: an issuer, a holder and a verifier.

The issuer is the organization that issues the digital credential to its employee as a digital employee ID. The holder can share their credentials with apps and websites like LinkedIn. Finally, the verifier uses cryptographic authentication to confirm that the claimed place of work issued the digital employee ID and is authentic.

The ID works with existing HR and identity systems such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory. The partners say it can be used for background checks, rewards programs, help desk support, and other scenarios that require proof of workplace affiliation, while reducing costs and time associated with manual verification processes.

LinkedIn and Microsoft Entra are currently testing the feature’s user experience and security with over 70 organizations representing millions of LinkedIn members.

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