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‘ChatGPT does 80% of my job’: Meet the workers using AI bots to take on multiple full-time jobs – and their employers have NO idea

Employees have admitted that they are using ChatGPT – the revolutionary chatbot powered by artificial intelligence (AI) – to work multiple full-time jobs.

They refer to themselves as ‘overemployed’, because the tool allows them to complete the workload of each role in at least half the time.

Most of the jobs they do involve a fair amount of writing, like creating marketing  materials, which the chatbot has proven to be remarkably adept at.

ChatGPT is a large language model – an AI system that has been trained on huge amounts of text data to generate human-like responses to given prompts.

When it was released for free by start-up OpenAI in December, it opened the eyes of the public to just how powerful the technology has become in recent years.

It was quickly utilised to pass examsdeliver a sermon, write softwareprepare legal documents and give relationship advice – to name just a few.

But nearly half a year later, its users have become more proficient, and are now able to use ChatGPT to fool their employers into thinking their job has their full attention.

In reality, they have multiple other employers who think the exact same thing.

‘ChatGPT does like 80 per cent of my job,’ Ben, an overemployed worker whose name has been changed, told Vice.

Ben works in marketing for financial technology companies, and first heard about the idea of working more than one role during the pandemic.

Reports started surfacing in the latter half of 2021 of employees taking advantage of the huge shift towards remote working to pick up an extra job.

But this wasn’t always out of greed, as many people were lacking financial security in the face of mass redundancies and economic uncertainty.

Ben, from Toronto, was unable to join the overemployed community at the time as his job was too demanding, but when he discovered ChatGPT things changed.

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