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NHS: What’s wrong and how to put it right

A recent survey showed that no more than a quarter of the people in the UK think the NHS provides a decent or even adequate service. Huge numbers of NHS employees say that they would not want their loved ones to be treated in the hospital or health centre where they work.

What most of them don’t realise, of course, is that the global plan is to destroy health care completely. In the UK the plan (promoted by the Government and the medical establishment) is to destroy the NHS. And the plan is working well: today there is NO effective or reliable health care in Briton. Millions of Britons now do their best to treat themselves. Anyone planning to visit Britain should be aware that there is no health care in the country.

For three years it has been easy to show that such health care as there is in Britain is worse today than it was 50 years ago. And arguably it is worse than it was 70 years ago. Indeed, it is worse than would be acceptable in many backward, third-world countries. The lies which are told about health care are extraordinary. For example, many of those defending the NHS claim that GPs still provide a 24 hour emergency service. They make this disingenuous claim because the NHS provides a 24 hour telephone service through which a very small number of GPs will provide telephone only advice to patients. Each GP is responsible for millions of patients at night and at weekends and cannot possibly visit any of them. The truth is that GPs now work on average no more than 26 hours a week and patients often have to wait weeks to be seen.

Health care in Britain has been doing more harm than good for many years because the NHS, which provides most of the health care in the UK, is dangerous, absurdly bureaucratic and wildly expensive. It has been dying for a long time. Or, rather, it has been murdered.

During 2020 and 2021 hospital departments were closed, for no good reason, when staff panicked and behaved hysterically in the face of an infection proven to be no more dangerous than the annual flu, when essential treatments were abandoned and waiting lists allowed to grow to inhuman proportions – with the result that millions of patients will die because they have not been investigated or treated.

Doctors and nurses still wear masks which do more harm than good, and force patients to wear them too. Doctors and nurses have ill-treated patients, especially the elderly, and are responsible for murdering tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of elderly patients simply because they were old and ill.

Worst of all doctors and nurses promoted, gave and lied about experimental, toxic jabs which never did what they were supposed to do but which were known to be among the most dangerous drugs ever manufactured. Worse still, doctors and nurses ignored the legal and ethical requirement to tell patients about all potential side effects before involving them in an experiment.

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